Junior Suite

With its contemporary design and stunning historical features, the urbane, sleekly styled Junior Suites are of the chicest and coolest in Trinidad. The Junior Suites are a series of two suites each with a spectacular yet intimate design concept that combines an urban style with the historical atmosphere of the landmark building.

Being part of the historical main building or wrapping around an large patio, these Junio Suites are a study of sublime design and made-to-measure proportions. The Junior Suites have an approximate floor space of 35 – 41 m² (377 to 441 ft²), all boast high ceilings and are contemporary decorated. Experience a modern living in a setting of attested Cuban architecture.

The Junior Suites are an architectural masterpiece and a heart-stirring reminder of this contemporary-yet-historical hotel, where centuries past and today blend perfectly. For those who appreciate authentic features and imposing architecture, a Trinitarian flair these Junior Suites are the perfect retreat.

Refined, sophisticated, simple, yet flamboyant and original, the junior suites are thoughtfully designed, down to every last finish and detail.

The two Junior Suites located in the historical main building have authentic elements, such as antique floor-tiling and the imposing wooden doors, merge seamlessly with the delicate lounge zone and the extra spacious walk-in bathroom.

With alluring Trinitarian features such as the iconic rocking chair, antique precious wood furnishings and vintage ornaments, these immaculately styled rooms contribute to an ethical and unique travel experience. Both have door-to-ceiling doble wooden windows that open to Alameda street. Watch the street life of Trinidad directly from your hotel window.

The other two Junior Suites are the furthest away from the street, face the large and quiet patio and have have a secluded private garden-patio with outdoor shower (5 m² – 53 ft²). It perfectly combines elegance and comfort.

The Junior Suites are your urban retreat and a personal space in which to sink back, unwind and slow down. It is all about indulgence, sleekly styled and a bohemian mix of historical Cuban elements from Trinidad. The monumental spaces are high-ceilinged and have been transformed into a balanced cocktail of eclectic tiles and majestic wooden doors that blend naturally with contemporary design.