Deluxe Rooms

All five Deluxe Rooms offer a peaceful and lovely atmosphere. With formidable views towards the Patio and a wonderfully spacious terrace, they present themselves as an invaluable option for any time of the year.

A true oasis of rest and disconnection after a long day of sightseeing in Trinidad. The closeness to the exuberant vegetation of the central courtyard are some of its most special features of the Deluxe Rooms.

The charming Deluxe Rooms with a compact total floor space of 28 -35 m² (300 - 377 ft²) are a unique contemporary concept that features smart solutions. The sleek Trinitarian design signature of Mansion Alameda is well reflected in these rooms. The rooms have windows with a towards the central Patio and the imposing wooden doors provide direct access to a garden patio.

An open-plan walk-in bathroom with a large doble sink and a compact sitting area with working table and chair complete these rooms. Also, here the urban design style blends seamlessly with the decorative antique tiled floors and the high ceilings.

Fall in love with a clever design and decoration. Super comfy beds to guarantee a good night’s sleep.