Ancón Peninsula

Some 12km (8 miles) south of Trinidad lies a spectacular stretch of beach, accessible either by way of Casilda or the more scenic route via the small fishing village of La Boca, where Trinidad’s river disgorges its waters into the sea.

The journey from Trinidad is a glorious ride along the coast, with the turquoise blue of the Caribbean just a few metres away and the lofty mountains of the Sierra del Escambray rarely out of sight.

A narrow 8km finger of land curling like a twisted root out into the placid waters of the Caribbean, set against a backdrop of rugged green mountains, the Península de Ancón enjoys a truly fantastic setting. Covered predominantly in low-lying scrub, the peninsula itself is unspoilt yet unenchanting once you get away from the coastline, but it does boast several enticing beaches, including Playa Ancón, and an idyllic stretch of mostly undisturbed seashore.

The beach here is popular with local people, who can’t usually be found at the main tourist resort of Playa Ancón, farther out along the peninsula. Playa Ancón is an excellent long sandy stretch with warm, clear blue waters. Behind the beach there are lakes and swamps. Bathers tend to gather on the sections in front of the Hotel Ancón and the nearby Hotel Costa Sur, where they can be within easy reach of bars.